(1/2-Day) What You Need to Know About Data Science

Beginner level course providing a high-level overview of the state of Data Science. An investigation of case studies, tools and technologies and key tasks in a Data Science project.

The goal of this half-day training is to give participants a high-level overview of the current state of Data Science. We will investigate case studies to show how Data Science is used today, how to develop and run a successful Data Science project, which tools and technologies are most important and what decisions you need to make to ensure success.

This course is an introduction to help you chart your Data Science journey. You need to decide which parts of Data Science are important to you. You will learn to acknowledge that Data Science is becoming increasingly important in industrial applications and that the body of knowledge is vast. We will put this into context and optimise your actions according to goals that you will develop.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Draw upon use cases and industry case studies
  • Describe the differences between common Data Science disciplines (e.g. AI, Big Data, Deep Learning, etc.)
  • Plan a Data Science project and describe common techniques
  • Describe the common tools and technologies
  • Be able to make important strategic decisions

Target Audience

  • You want to learn about Data Science but don’t know where to start
  • You are a Developer and need to establish which tools and technologies to use
  • You are a Manager and want to know the basics about running a Data Science project
  • You want a systematic way of charting your future Data Science development


No prerequisites.