AI Project Pricing

We have flexible pricing structures to accommodate your budget. Learn more about our pricing methodology and obtain sample quotes.

Pricing Methodology

How we price our AI projects

The Pricing Process

We create a bespoke pricing structure for each project. We start by trying to understand your business goals, discussing the intended solution and possible ways of working. Depending on how well-defined a project is, together we then decide what type of contract is most appropriate and what the pricing structure should be. We have several different pricing structures, and we will work with you to find the best one for your project.

The process involves:

1Initial video call to discuss the projectUnderstand the goals and ensure we are a good fit
2Second video call to discuss pricing structureAgree on the pricing structure and contract type
3Present proposalAgree on the scope of the project and the pricing structure
4Sign contractAgree on the contract and start the project

AI Pricing Structures

If the project involves in-depth research and development, and the specific tasks are not known ahead of time, we typically engage in a time and materials contract. This is a good option for projects that are not well defined, or are likely to evolve . The vast majority of our development projects are structured like this, to offer the flexibility to deliver the most value to your business.

If a project is well-defined and the tasks are identified upfront, we might engage in a fixed-price contract. In this situation, we develop a project plan summary to create an estimate of the costs. This is a good option for projects that are unlikely to change scope partway through. We often use this approach for proof of concept projects, where the terms are well-defined and the project is likely to be completed within a few months. We often include phasing into the fixed-price contract to provide flexibility, such as allowing you to pay in stages.

There is also a middle ground, a fixed-time contract, where the budget is constrained but deliverables are not guaranteed.

How We Work

Our work comprises three dimensions: the type of project, the type of work and the type of contract.

Type OfCommon Examples
ProjectML RL MLOps AI
WorkDevelopment Consulting
ContractTime & Materials Fixed Cost Time & Materials with Minimum

Main Factors Affecting the Price of an AI Project

The main factors that impact the size and cost of AI projects are:

Work/Project typeconsulting vs. development, ML, RL, MLOps
Complexity of the domainsimple industrial control vs. complex medical imaging
Impact of the problemminor process improvements vs. safety-critical
Size of the problemdata analysis vs. global-scale production
Risks involved when accepting a contractfixed-cost contract with immature company vs. a time and materials contract with a mature company

We charge a similar amount across the full range of projects. However, Consulting tends to be more expensive than Development. And in the long run, Fixed-Cost projects are more expensive than Time and Materials.

The World's Best AI Companies Trust Winder.AI

We've worked with hundreds of amazing people, all over the world.

  • Machine learning product development for Google.
  • Kubeflow consulting for Microsoft.
  • MLOps consulting and development for Shell.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting and development for Nestle
  • MLOps product development for Canonical.
  • MLOps consulting for Docker
  • MLOps consulting for Ofcom
  • MLOps product development for Grafana.
  • MLOps consulting for Stability AI
  • Authors of a Reinforcement learning book with O'Reilly
  • Data science lecturing with Pearson
  • Machine learning integration for Pachyderm.
  • Vendor MLOps product development for Modzy.
  • MLOps consulting for Neste.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting for CMPC.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting for Novelis.
  • Reinforcement learning consulting for Genesis
  • MLOps consulting for Lightning AI
  • AI product development for Protocol Labs
  • MLOps consulting for Tractable
  • MLOps consulting for Interos.AI
  • MLOps consulting for Ultraleap
  • MLOps consulting for AICadium
  • DAS and digital signal processing for OptaSense
  • DAS and digital signal processing for Focus Sensors.
  • DAS and digital signal processing for Frauscher
  • MLOps consulting for Living Optics
  • AI Product Development for Expanso

Indicative AI Project Pricing

Project pricing depends on many factors, but below we present some examples.
The examples below represent real projects that we have worked on. These are not intended to be a quote for your project, but rather to give you an idea of the pricing structures of similar projects. For your project, we will need to develop a bespoke quote.
MLOps Platform Development

MLOps Platform Development

MLOps Development Time & Materials

A mid-sized business required experience MLOps engineers to help them build and operate their machine learning platform. The goal was to augment their existing team to expand their capabilities and upskill their engineers.

Winder.AI engaged to provide engineers with specialist MLOps skills to develop their ML platform and lasted for approximately 9 months. The project was structured as a time-materials contract.

Indicative price: £150-300 / hour

Reinforcement Learning Development

Reinforcement Learning Development

RL Development Fixed Cost

A startup required a reinforcement learning-based solution that optimizes a health and lifestyle-based process. The goal was to deliver a production-ready solution that could be integrated into the startup’s existing product.

The startup had no data to begin with, and the solution was to be developed from scratch. The lack of data and greenfield development meant that the project was split into 7 phases and will be delivered over 6 months. The project was structured as a fixed-cost project and this proposal was to be embedded inside a subsequent grant proposal.

Indicative price: £100k-200k

Reinforcement Learning Consulting

Reinforcement Learning Consulting

RL Consulting Time & Materials with Minimum

A large business needed help to develop their novel RL solution. They began an RL project and found that their agent wasn’t learning as they expected. Rather than waste more time they engaged world-leading RL agency, Winder.AI. The goal was to evaluate what they had done, find the issues, and suggest improvements; all whilst upskilling their developers.

Winder.AI provided ad-hoc RL consulting to help them overcome their issues. The project was structured as a time and materials contract with a minimum contract size.

Indicative price: £350 / hour, min. £5k / month

AI Product Development

AI Product Development

AI Development Time & Materials

A startup with significant capital wanted to develop a new product. They required engineers with a unique set of skills: product development, software engineering, and data engineering. Winder.AI’s reputation of developing AI products proceeded us, and our client came to us directly. The goal was to help the client push the development and adoption of their new product.

Winder.AI provided a team of three software-oriented data engineers to help them develop their product. The project was structured as a time and materials contract.

Indicative price: £175 - £300 / hour

MLOps Consulting

MLOps Consulting

MLOps Consulting Fixed Cost

A small but mature AI business wanted to update their ageing MLOps platform. Previous successful engagements led to this project where they asked Winder.AI to provide an expert MLOps consulting and architecture design service.

Winder.AI provided an analysis and a new design to fulfil their ML needs. The project took approximately 2 months and was performed on a fixed-cost basis.

Indicative price: £20k

Machine Learning Research & Development

Machine Learning Research & Development

ML Development Fixed Cost

A large business needed help from Winder.AI’s experienced machine learning engineers to research and develop a novel natural language processing (NLP) use case. The goal was to deliver a production-ready solution that could be integrated into an existing product.

The business did not have any MLOps infrastructure to begin with, so we also developed the tooling and processes to manage our machine learning models. The project was split into three major phases and was delivered over 6 months. The project was structured as a fixed-cost project and included within the budget of a larger project.

Indicative price: £100k-250k

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