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Tired of fragile ML processes? Our MLOps services deliver resilience, automation and unification across your organization.


I would recommend Winder.AI because they are experts with real-world experience, led by Phil Winder, who is well-respected in the industry. They are quick to respond, quick to scale up and they deliver when you need them to.

Hunter Powers
VP of Machine Learning

MLOps Consulting Services - Machine Learning Operations at Scale

Our MLOps services bring governance to your AI operations. Scale out, unify, control and fulfil regulatory requirements.

  • Enterprise MLOps Development Our enterprise MLOps engineers have helped teams scale their machine learning operations. From point improvements to staff augmentation, we’ve got you covered, e.g. Interos.

  • MLOps Consulting Improving your MLOps maturity helps unify your stack, improve data science efficiency and meet governance requirements, e.g.Tractable.

  • MLOps Audit Effective change starts with a proactive maturity assessment. By isolating pain points and prioritizing opportunities, an MLOps audit can change your business, e.g. a finance company.

The World's Best AI Companies Trust Winder.AI

We've worked with hundreds of amazing people, all over the world.

  • Machine learning product development for Google.
  • Kubeflow consulting for Microsoft.
  • MLOps consulting and development for Shell.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting and development for Nestle
  • MLOps product development for Canonical.
  • MLOps consulting for Docker
  • MLOps consulting for Ofcom
  • MLOps product development for Grafana.
  • MLOps consulting for Stability AI
  • Authors of a Reinforcement learning book with O'Reilly
  • Data science lecturing with Pearson
  • Machine learning integration for Pachyderm.
  • Vendor MLOps product development for Modzy.
  • MLOps consulting for Neste.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting for CMPC.
  • Deep reinforcement learning consulting for Novelis.
  • Reinforcement learning consulting for Genesis
  • MLOps consulting for Lightning AI
  • AI product development for Protocol Labs
  • MLOps consulting for Tractable
  • MLOps consulting for Interos.AI
  • MLOps consulting for Ultraleap
  • MLOps consulting for AICadium
  • DAS and digital signal processing for OptaSense
  • DAS and digital signal processing for Focus Sensors.
  • DAS and digital signal processing for Frauscher
  • MLOps consulting for Living Optics
  • AI Product Development for Expanso

MLOps Development Expertise - Our Sweet Spot

Enterprise-ready Machine Learning Operations solutions.

Dedicated AI Company

Unlike larger, more general purpose IT agencies, we specialize in developing AI solutions. We’re more flexible, more pragmatic and better suited to integrate AI into your product.

Production Ready

We combine our bespoke AI solutions with cloud-agnostic or on-premise software engineering to produce production-ready large language models.

Collaborative Working

We exist to help companies like yours build better products. We collaborate closely with your internal engineering teams to both upskill and deliver pragmatic results.

MLOps Solutions - MLOps Capabilities

Winder.AI is a flexible, decentralized, independent AI company that can deliver full-stack solutions. MLOps enables efficient, scalable, predictable AI.

AI At Scale

MLOps excels at delivering AI at scale, from massive experimentation to huge deployments.


One major growing pain is the lack of unification between disparate AI teams. Providing a consistent landscape can help improve governance posture and efficiency.

AI Legislation

Current and future legislation places requirements on AI systems. MLOps provides the backbone solution with auditing, logging, monitoring and governance.

Model Management

Make it easier to govern your AI inventory. Catalog, track and promote reproducibility.

Experiment Tracking

Help data scientists be more productive. Parallelize experimentation, compare, time travel and unify.

Scalable Pipelines

Scale your data ingestion or training pipelines to meet your demands. Train massive models, make it more repeatable, take advantage of hybrid cloud and modern hardware.

Model Deployment

Package models and make deployment a breeze. Auto-deploy to production, serve in a variety of protocols, automatically scale to meet demand, or scale down to save costs.

Monitoring and Alerting

Maintain your integrity with model monitoring and alerting. Watch for drift, provide analytics, implement continuous learning, alert before catastrophe.


Language Agnostic

Any Library

We ♡ GitOps

Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work for our clients. You can find more in our portfolio.
MLOps in Supply Chain Management

Case study

MLOps in Supply Chain Management

Interos, a leading supply chain management company, partnered with Winder.AI to enhance their machine learning operations (MLOps). Together, we developed advanced MLOps technologies, including a scalable annotation system, a model deployment suite, AI templates, and a monitoring suite. This collaboration, facilitated by open-source software and Kubernetes deployments, significantly improved Interos’ AI maturity and operational efficiency.

Announcing Stable Audio: A Generative AI Music Service

Case study

Announcing Stable Audio: A Generative AI Music Service

We’re pleased to announce the release of Stable Audio, a new generative AI music service. Stable Audio is a collaboration between Stability AI and Winder.AI that leverages state-of-the-art audio diffusion models to generate high-quality music from a text prompt.

MLOps in Insurance

Case study

MLOps in Insurance

Tractable.AI is a leading insure-tech company based in the UK and has made significant strides in the motor vehicle insurance sector by leveraging AI technologies. Their innovative approach has allowed them to automate various aspects of the insurance lifecycle, including the complex process of loss adjustment. This AI-driven strategy has not only increased their operational efficiency but also enhanced their service delivery, making them a preferred choice for many customers.

Recent MLOps Articles

Find more articles in our blog.
Scaling Generative Models Globally with NVIDIA Triton & Sagemaker


Scaling Generative Models Globally with NVIDIA Triton & Sagemaker

In an insightful session presented by Enrico Rotundo, we explore the innovative approach to scaling StableAudio globally. This presentation sheds light on the synergy between NVIDIA Triton and AWS SageMaker.

MLOps Presentation: When do You Need an MLOps Platform Team?


MLOps Presentation: When do You Need an MLOps Platform Team?

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. Abstract In this talk he presents industry observations of MLOps team size and structure for a range of business sizes and domains. Learn more about how others structure their MLOps teams. Discover which problems you need to solve first. About This Series Welcome to Winder.AI talks. A series of free interactive webinars hosted by Dr Phil Winder, CEO of Winder.

MLOps Presentation: Databricks vs. Pachyderm


MLOps Presentation: Databricks vs. Pachyderm

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. Abstract In this talk he presents a white paper that discusses the differences between two leaders in the data engineering space – Databricks and Pachyderm. Learn how these two products differ, when to use each, and the pros and cons. At the end of the talk Phil distils this information and presets best practices.

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