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Formative machine learning consulting to revolutionize your organization. Together, we will change your future.

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Machine Learning Services

Our machine learning consulting services help you extract maximal value from your data.

Machine Learning Company

By choosing Winder.AI for your machine learning project, you can be sure that you are leveraging a world-leading ai consultancy. Our vast experience helps businesses like yours build machine learning algorithms and discover value from their data, via a dedicated machine learning expert.

Our machine learning consultants deliver incredible value by evaluating and recommending strategic business decisions to further your organizational ambitions and develop your AI systems.

AI Consulting

AI Consulting

Choosing which ML project to tackle next can be difficult. We take the stress out of your ML strategy by:

  • Looking at your ML strategy from a holistic, ROI-based perspective
  • Probing your organization to find toil, inefficiency, and opportunities
  • Delivering concrete, actionable recommendations to improve your opportunities through the use of machine learning
Model Development

Model Development

We’ve been implementing machine learning models since 2013. It’s likely we’ve worked on a similar problem in your domain in the past. We leverage our expertise to provide you with straightforward advice and implementations. We can:

  • Work with a variety of ML technologies
  • Develop within the confines of your stack
  • Collaborate with you and your team to achieve successful outcomes
Model Evaluation

Model Evaluation

Developing decent models whilst not easy, is straightforward if you know what’s important. Allow us to review your model portfolio and we can:

  • Explain why models are failing or are not performing adequately
  • Suggest improvements to help robustness, performance, provenance, and more…
  • Evaluate risk within your model portfolio and identify ways of reducing it
ML Process Improvement

ML Process Improvement

Do you struggle to gain consistency in your machine learning projects? Like we did for Neste, we can help you:

  • Establish the maturity of your machine learning process by evaluating your current ways of working
  • Provide actionable suggestions to improving your organization’s maturity
  • Actively promote and help you disseminate better ways of working.
Supporting Services

Supporting Services

Don’t forget that we have a range of other related ai services that accompany the work that we do. From data science consulting to mlops implementation, we have the capability to make your AI run like clockwork.

About Us

Winder.AI is a machine learning consulting firm in the UK, although we operate globally. An AI consultant is able deliver incredible value by evaluating and recommending strategic business decisions to further your organizational ambitions.

Collaborative machine learning team

Benefits of Our Machine Learning Consulting

Learn how machine learning provides such incredible value.

Transform Your Organization with Machine Learning Consulting

Machine learning helps your organization automate decisions using algorithms that learn from your data.

Unlike data science, which takes a holistic view of improving your business, machine learning focuses on applied techniques to solve automation problems with artificial intelligence.

In fact, if you’re reading this page then you’re probably already aware of the benefits of data science in general.

Our machine learning services are a little different, so please take your time. Have a look at some of the benefits of our machine learning consulting services below.

We're A Machine Learning Company

We're A Machine Learning Company

Looking for an expert machine learning engineer?

We’re about as experienced as you can get. And because we’re independent, we’ve worked with a range of artificial intelligence companies over the years, which multiplies the experience that we can transfer over to you.

And remember that we only specialize in AI applications, so our expertise and ml algorithms are not diluted by other disciplines - we love cloud-native though!

Production-Ready Solutions

Production-Ready Solutions

Burnt by data scientists that are good at math, bad at products?

We agree. In fact, this exact issue years ago was what spurred Phil to start training software engineers who wanted to become a data scientist. He spent several years travelling the world delivering workshops at conferences and teaching privately. Since then many better trainers have come and gone but we still hold engineering ideal close to our heart.

Together with our MLOps services, we provide production-ready, operational AI solutions.



Tired of people giving you terms and conditions?

We exist to help companies like yours expand and improve upon their ai system. Our size enables us to provide exemplary service whilst adapting to your ways of working to deliver your machine learning solution.

Dedicated To Machine Learning

Dedicated To Machine Learning

Confused by the IT shops that claim to do ML?

Winder.AI is a dedicated machine learning consultancy. We’re not a generic software engineering shop knee-jerking into a new market with deep learning. Since 2013 we’ve been offering our ml services and we focus solely on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Yes, our offering has expanded over the years as we’ve pioneered new fields like reinforcement learning and MLOps, but we’re still engineering-focused ai consultants at heart and we’re still excited by the potential of data to help your organization.

Machine Learning Consulting Expertise

We're open, unbiased, and flexible enough to work with your stack.

Machine learning has extended it’s reach into nearly every industry through domain-specific techniques and applications.

Since Winder.AI is a flexible, de-centralized, independent machine learning company, we have a surprisingly diverse set of experiences that we can bring to your organization.

We offer a range of data services to help companies of all sizes to build better products for increased customer satisfaction or greater market share. Revitalize wasteful internal processes by automating important decisions. Leverage intelligent agents to proactively learn from experience. Develop automated and optimized strategies to drive your business into the future.

Text - NLP

Text - NLP

Highly experienced in Natural Language Processing (NLP), e.g. BERT implementations in Google’s AI Hub.

Image - Computer Vision

Image - Computer Vision

Used in a variety of industrial settings; from video feeds to image generation.



Modelling your data to provide exceptionally robust predictive analytics and forecasting.

Time-Series - DSP

Time-Series - DSP

Unparalleled experience with high-dimensional time-series data and digital signal processing.



Massive experience in high-dimensional streaming audio.

Question-Answering and Chatbots

Question-Answering and Chatbots

For intelligent interaction in text-based domains. E.g. QA platform.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Prolific neural network based models used in nearly all of our work.

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning

Stalwart ML technique.

Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

When you don’t have the labels.

Generative And Adversarial Deep Learning

Generative And Adversarial Deep Learning

Teaching machines to be more creative.

Linear Methods - XGBoost, SKLearn, the rest...

Linear Methods - XGBoost, SKLearn, the rest...

Simple is better!

Batch and Streaming

Batch and Streaming

Adapt to any data format.


Language Agnostic

Any Library

We ♡ GitOps

Our Approach to Machine Learning Consulting

Successful consulting arises from decades of experience. Take a look at our tips for a successful machine learning consulting project.

Machine Learning Consulting Process

1. Business Context

Any problem demands context from the business. A solution for one industry may not be applicable to another, nor is every business the same. Establishing shared context helps get the project off to the right start.

2. Stakeholder Inclusion

More than just identification, we find projects are optimal when key stakeholders are including in the project. With “skin in the game”, stakeholders are far more likely to collaborate to produce a better overall solution.

3. Problem Definition

A key phase where business problems are defined and prioritized. It is worth spending time to get this right, as subsequent effort could be ineffective and wasted.

4. Interviews

Data scientists and machine learning engineers are already experts in the work that they do, so interviewing them to learn what they do, how they work, and what the models they have produced do, is an important stage in the process.

5. Model Review

Reviewing ML models is sometimes the main task in an AI consulting project. Here we collaborate with you to evaluate your current models. We look at performance, toil, risk, and many other important factors.

6. Solution Review

Given knowledge of the problem and the processes and models involved we’re now in a position to ask whether the problem is being solved. If not, we will isolate why not, and provide actionable insight into how to fix it.

7. Problem Solution

If necessary, we provide details as to what needs to happen in order to fix the issues you are having with this particular problem.

8. Strategic Solution

It is common that we find larger, strategic-level issues that should be addressed for optimal ML usage. In this phase we present these solutions back to key stakeholders. In many projects we then move into an implementation phase. Other times we step back and perform another iteration to fix another problem.

Optimizing for Value Generation

Businesses have three core operational functions. Processes define how businesses run. Decisions decide when businesses are run. Strategies define why businesses are run.

Software has successfully automated many business processes. Data science automates decisions and strategies via machine learning and reinforcement learning, respectively.

By leveraging our data science consulting services we can help you automate the top two most valuable tiers in the pyramid with an ai solution, to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

The value of reinforcement learning, courtesy of our Reinforcement Learning book.
The OODA loop for continuous innovation.
Winder.AI’s data science consulting strives for continuous innovation. Courtesy of our Reinforcement Learning book.

Continuous Innovation

The infamous OODA loop, originally developed by the US military, is of particular use during our work because it helps promote innovation.

At every phase we look for opportunities to add value and make your products and services better. Our clients find that our work greatly exceeds their expectations due to the extra value presented by our solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work. You can find more in our portfolio.

A Comparison of Computational Frameworks - Spark, Dask, Snowflake and more...

Winder.AI worked with Protocol.AI to evaluate general purpose computation frameworks. A summary of this work includes:

  • Comprehensive presentation evaluating the workflows and performance of each tool
  • A GitHub repository with benchmarks and sample applications
  • Documentation and summary video for Bacalhau documentation website

Save 80% of Your Machine Learning Training Bill on Kubernetes

Winder.AI worked with Grid.AI to stress test managed Kubernetes services with the aim of reducing training time and cost. A summary of this work includes: Stress testing the scaling performance of the big three managed Kubernetes services Reducing the cost of training a 1000-node model by 80% The finding that some cloud vendors are better (cheaper) than others The Problem: How to Minimize the Time and Cost of Training Machine Learning Models Artificial intelligence (AI) workloads are resource hogs.

Using Reinforcement Learning to Attack Web Application Firewalls

Introduction Ideally, the best way to improve the security of any system is to detect all vulnerabilities and patch them. Unfortunately this is rarely possible due to the extreme complexity of modern systems. One primary threat are payloads arriving from the public internet, with the attacker using them to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. For this reason, web application firewalls (WAF) are introduced to detect suspicious behaviour. These are often rules based and when they detect nefarious activities they significantly reduce the overall damage.

Recent Machine Learning Consulting Articles

Find more articles in our blog.

MLOps Presentation: Buildpacks - The Ultimate ML Container

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. Abstract In this talk, they present the use of cloud-native buildpacks for machine learning containers. Find out how they work and why they are the ultimate ML container solution. You’ll want to attend this if you’ve ever struggled to create shared or golden containers for machine learning. About This Series Welcome to Winder.

MLOps Presentation: When do You Need an MLOps Platform Team?

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. Abstract In this talk he presents industry observations of MLOps team size and structure for a range of business sizes and domains. Learn more about how others structure their MLOps teams. Discover which problems you need to solve first. About This Series Welcome to Winder.AI talks. A series of free interactive webinars hosted by Dr Phil Winder, CEO of Winder.

MLOps Presentation: Databricks vs. Pachyderm

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. Abstract In this talk he presents a white paper that discusses the differences between two leaders in the data engineering space – Databricks and Pachyderm. Learn how these two products differ, when to use each, and the pros and cons. At the end of the talk Phil distils this information and presets best practices.

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