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Data science projects are risky.

A significant amount of the time, some suggest around 80%, data science projects fail. That’s not because there is a failure, in the structural sense of the word, but because the data or the domain prevents you from achieving your goals.

The problem isn’t failure, though. The problem is that it takes too long to find out that a data science project will fail. Our proof-of-concepts (POCs) de-risk a project by researching and investigating key risks, before wasting time on development, coding, hardening, etc.

Although all of our POCs differ, they generally deliver a rough prototype to prove that the riskiest parts of the project will be successful, or not. Data science POCs generally take the form of a report or a set of results that demonstrate that an idea is technically feasible, given the data and current technology capabilities.

Our data science POCs are then promoted into a machine learning development project, where we design, build, and deliver practical artificial intelligence solutions.

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Data Science POC Services

Our services help you extract maximal value from your data

Data Science POC Company

Data science is often touted as being an art, but in reality it’s experience that counts.

By choosing Winder.AI as your trusted data science partner, you can be sure that you are leveraging one of the most highly experienced agencies in the world. Our vast experience helps businesses like yous discover value from their data.

Our data science consultants deliver incredible value by evaluating and recommending strategic business decisions to further your organizational ambitions.

Fixed Cost POCs

Fixed Cost POCs

Our fixed cost POC service is able to de-risk your projects for a fixed expense. If you are operating within a tight budget or you want to time-box experiments, then this is the service you need. Included in this service is:

  • Initial data science consulting, including problem definition and scoping
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Initial ML/RL solutions
  • Demonstrations, reports, evidence of concept
R&D Supercharger

R&D Supercharger

Some of our clients, like Pachyderm for example, leverage our skills for repeated R&D projects. The benefits of this service are:

  • Flexible, long-term pricing
  • Reduced communication and learning overheads
  • Proactive product consulting and development
  • No need for difficult to define, fixed scopes
  • More collaborative, more fun, better results
Data Exploration

Data Exploration

When you have a lot of data, but you don’t know what to do with it, data exploration helps you:

  • Ascertain whether data is useful or valuable
  • Catalog data, what it means, and why it might be useful
  • Provide insights that might surprise you

About Us

Winder.AI is a data science consulting firm, and is based in the UK, although we operate globally. Our data science consultants deliver incredible value by evaluating and recommending strategic business decisions to further your organizational ambitions.

Collaborative data science research

Our Approach to Data Science POCs

Successful POCs arise from decades of experience. Take a look at our data science POC process.

Data Science POC Process

1. Business Context

Any problem demands context from the business. A solution for one industry may not be applicable to another, nor is every business the same. Establishing shared context helps get the project off to the right start.

2. Domain Knowledge Transfer

Businesses are often experts in their own domain. This domain expertise is valuable to help direct future solutions.

3. Problem Definition/Clarification

POCs usually start with a vague idea of what problem they are trying to solve. But the problem definition often changes over time, becoming more concrete, adapting to what is possible given the data.

4. Data Exploration

Using the domain knowledge, we gather even more insight by exploring your data. You never know what you’ll find!

5. Data Analysis

In this phase expert data analysts extract knowledge from the data. This often leverages actionable insight and is used to validate whether the solution is viable.

6. Model Exploration

After the data analysis validates that the idea is sound, an initial phase of model exploration is intended to validate whether the problem can be automated.

7. Model Analysis

After this phase the models are analysed to ensure they are performant enough to suggest viability. Note that even at this late stage it is sometimes necessary to revisit the problem definition.

8. Reporting

Once models are validated then it’s time to report the results back to the stakeholders. After this phase we often start looking at another problem, or promote it to a fully-fledged machine learning development project.

Optimizing for Value Generation

Businesses have three core operational functions. Processes define how businesses run. Decisions decide when businesses are run. Strategies define why businesses are run.

Software has successfully automated many business processes. Data science automates decisions and strategies via machine learning and reinforcement learning, respectively.

By leveraging our data science consulting services we can help you automate the top two most valuable tiers in the pyramid, to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

The value of reinforcement learning, courtesy of our Reinforcement Learning book.
The OODA loop for continuous innovation.
Winder.AI’s data science consulting strives for continuous innovation. Courtesy of our Reinforcement Learning book.

Continuous Innovation

The infamous OODA loop, originally developed by the US military, is of particular use during our work because it helps promote innovation.

At every phase we look for opportunities to add value and make your products and services better. Our clients find that our work greatly exceeds their expectations due to the extra value presented by our solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work. You can find more in our portfolio.

Announcing Stable Audio: A Generative AI Music Service

We’re pleased to announce the release of Stable Audio, a new generative AI music service. Stable Audio is a collaboration between Stability.AI and Winder.AI that leverages state-of-the-art audio diffusion models to generate high-quality music from a text prompt.

Explain, Enhance and Enrich Your Data with Bacalhau Amplify

Bacalhau is a project started under Protocol Labs, but has now spun out into Expanso, Inc. Expanso is a leading Web3 innovator specializing in developing next generation decentralized commodity services. This case study, which includes a video presentation, describes the proceeds of this collaboration. The Bacalhau team asked Winder.AI to help them develop a new AI product designed to perform data engineering at web-scale, backed by Web3 technologies.

Presentation: MLOps and the Online Safety Bill

This is a video of a presentation about the UK’s online safety bill. This places new burdens on social media companies to moderate content to keep the public safe. This video discusses how platforms are using MLOps to help operate AI solutions that allow them to scale and prevent hundreds of violating posts from being published every second.

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