AI Product Consulting

ML, RL and MLOps experts, helping AI vendors build better AI products.

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Pragmatic Product Development and Direction

For over a decade Winder has been providing end-to-end data science services to some of the world’s biggest, best, and brightest AI companies. Over that time we’ve seen every pain point you can imagine.

Over the past few years we’ve been focussing that experience to help AI product vendors, by helping them to build better AI products.

One way in which we do that is by providing expert guidance around ai product development. But don’t forget that we also provide ai product development services too, to provide you with the resources to bring your ideas to life.

AI Vendor Product Consulting Services

Winder.AI helps companies build production-quality AI products and platforms.

AI Product Consulting

Over a decade of operational data science experience provides us with a unique platform to base our recommendations.

We’re here to help you make the best of your market, by helping you find the pain points that customers are willing to pay for. We also help you action these ideas, with our ai product development services, because ideas are cheap. Execution is our value proposition.

Take a look at our Modzy case study, for example. Here, we provided our ai product consulting expertise to deliver a variety of user-facing POCs to help test their market.

Winder.AI is able to deliver fully self-managed incremental product improvements. This alleviates the burden from your team and shortens development timelines. Our experts can also integrate tightly with your ways of working for a collaborative solution.

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AI Product Integrations

Leverage our MLOps expertise to rapidly develop new integrations for your product.

Because we are vendor neutral and cloud agnostic, we have a wide range of experience across all parts of the MLOps spectrum. This means it is very likely that we already have experience in the product you are wanting to integrate.

Our open source project allows us to deliver a “kick the tyres” version of your product alongside the integrating solution. This provides your users with a instant spin-up “test drive” functionality.

Companies like Pachyderm work with us to complete their integrations projects. For example, we’ve recently completed a project to provide tight integration between Pachyderm and Seldon.

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The World's Best AI Companies

From startups to the world’s largest enterprises, companies trust Winder.AI.

Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work. You can find more case studies in our portfolio.

Using Reinforcement Learning to Attack Web Application Firewalls

Introduction Ideally, the best way to improve the security of any system is to detect all vulnerabilities and patch them. Unfortunately this is rarely possible due to the extreme complexity of modern systems. One primary threat are payloads arriving from the public internet, with the attacker using them to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. For this reason, web application firewalls (WAF) are introduced to detect suspicious behaviour. These are often rules based and when they detect nefarious activities they significantly reduce the overall damage.

Helping Modzy Build an ML Platform

Winder.AI collaborated with the Modzy development team and MLOps Consulting to deliver a variety of solutions that make up the Modzy product, a ModelOps and MLOps platform. A summary of this work includes: Developing the Open Model Interface Open-sourcing chassis, the missing link that allows data scientists to build robust ML containers Model monitoring and observability product features MLOps and model management product features The Problem: How to Build An ML Platform Modzy’s goal is to help large organizations orchestrate and manage their machine learning (ML) models.

How To Build a Robust ML Workflow With Pachyderm and Seldon

This article outlines the technical design behind the Pachyderm-Seldon Deploy integration available on GitHub and is intended to highlight the salient features of the demo. For an in depth overview watch the accompanying video on YouTube. Introduction Pachyderm and Seldon run on top of Kubernetes, a scalable orchestration system; here I explain their installation process, then I use an example use case to illustrate how to operate a release, rollback, fix, re-release cycle in a live ML deployment.

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