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Our AI engineers help vendors build amazing AI products. From MLOps vendors to ML product companies, Winder.AI is ready to scale your development.

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How Winder.AI Helps Build Your Product

Winder.AI can help you build your product thanks to years experience on all sides of ML.

Why is Winder.AI the Perfect Partner?

Our services are incredibly valuable because of the unique confluence of experiences.

  • We’re renowned experts in the usage of machine learning and reinforcement learning. This provides valuable insight as a data scientist persona.
  • We’re also founding members of the MLOps community and have delivered countless MLOps consulting and Operational MLOps projects. This provides valuable insight as an operational persona.
  • Finally, we’ve developed an array of solutions for a variety of vendors. This proves that we have the skills to deliver projects, no matter the product.

These three experiences converge to provide you with the perfect combination of skills. We can help you define the product, develop the implementation, and have the data science know-how to show people how to use it.

Why Others Choose Winder.AI


Winder.AI is a boutique consultancy specializing in the development and operation of data science technologies. Our small size lends us agility and flexibility.

Whilst larger, monolithic consultancies may enforce a way of working, by specifying minimum team sizes or including unnecessary people in the contract, we do not. We work to your way of working.

If you want us to integrate with your team, we can do that. If you want us to work independently to reduce coupling, that’s fine too. Out talented engineers are happy to work around you.

From SOW’s to Time & Materials

Many of our clients choose to operate on a statement of work (SOW) basis, which is good when you want full control over the completed work. The downside of this approach is that refinement of the SOW can take a long time, which slows down development.

Other clients operate on a more agile approach, where weekly or bi-weekly planning meetings schedule the direction and tasks for the upcoming week(s). This works well when you want to develop a solution quickly, or you have dependencies on other people or teams.

Remote Working

Although Winder.AI is based in the UK, the team is distributed across Europe. Since inception, we’ve operated entirely remotely, so there was no change to our working conditions when the COVID pandemic struck. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s reminded us that remote working is not only efficient, but optimal, especially when expertise like ours is so hard to find.

Therefore, all of our projects operate remotely, except for occasional meetings and planning sessions that are better done in person.

The World's Best AI Companies

From startups to the world’s largest enterprises, companies trust Winder.AI.

AI Product Development and Consulting Services

Winder.AI helps companies build production-quality products and platforms.

AI Product Consulting

AI Product Consulting

Do you need strategic help from an expert in MLOps?

Winder.AI are industrially renowned experts in machine learning, reinforcement learning, and MLOps. Leverage our industry expertise to help you build your product.

For example, companies like leverage our consulting to develop product ideas and evaluate mission critical technologies. Our guidance helps you complete your project faster and to a higher quality that it would have been otherwise.

AI Product Development

AI Product Development

Do you have an AI product, but want to accelerate development?

The team at Winder.AI are experienced data science practitioners, which helps us build products that are relevant to your users.

We’re able to deliver fully self-managed incremental product improvements. This alleviates the burden from your team and shortens development timelines. Our experts can also integrate tightly with your ways of working for a collaborative solution.

Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work. You can find more in our portfolio.

How Social Media Platforms use MLOps and AI Governance to Help to Moderate Content

The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, commissioned Winder.AI to produce a report to improve their understanding of the end-to-end processes that support the creation and deployment of automated content classifiers used in moderating online content.

Do you like DAGs? Implementing a Graph Executor for Bacalhau

Winder.AI helped Protocol Labs, a technology company in the crypto space, to help develop Bacalhau, a novel decentralised computational platform that focuses on the AI lifecycle. This case study describes some of our work to develop this project but for more information view the Bacalhau website.

How Social Media Companies Use MLOps to Protect Users

When: Tue Mar 21, 2023 at 16:30 UTC Where: Linkedin Live Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations. The UK government’s communications regulator, Ofcom, commissioned Winder.AI to produce a report to improve their understanding of the end-to-end AI governance processes that support the creation and deployment of automated content classifiers used in moderating online content. Together we interviewed social media platforms and moderation technology vendors to ask them about the tools, technologies and processes that are often referred to as machine learning operations (MLOps).

Start Your AI Product Project Now

The team at Winder.AI are ready to collaborate with you on your ai product project. We will design and execute a solution specific to your needs, so you can focus on your own goals. Fill out the form below to get started, or contact us in another way.