Research-Driven Development: Improve the Software You Love While Staying Productive



Have you ever wondered which parts of your job you love or hate? Chances are that like most developers you love learning and new problems to solve. You hate monotony and bureaucracy.

You’ve probably put strategies in place to mitigate the things you don’t like. An anarchic development process like Agile, to reduce the amount of time in meetings. But have you ever thought about the way in which you approach learning and problem solving?

Many developers don’t identify themselves as a Researcher (even though by definition they are). Research Driven Development is the acknowledgement that developers are researchers.

This presentation expands on this assertion by establishing that modern software development is research. We can then turn to established research doctrine in order to improve our own development. The ultimate goal is to be more productive and spend more time doing what you love.

This talk will suit anyone but is focused on improving the enjoyment and productivity of developers. It will provide examples and ideas with strategies that can be implemented to achieve these goals.


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