MLOps Presentation: When do You Need an MLOps Platform Team?

by Dr. Phil Winder , CEO

Dr. Phil Winder shares experiences of Winder.AI’s MLOps consulting experience at a variety of large and small organizations.


In this talk he presents industry observations of MLOps team size and structure for a range of business sizes and domains. Learn more about how others structure their MLOps teams. Discover which problems you need to solve first.

About This Series

Welcome to Winder.AI talks. A series of free interactive webinars hosted by Dr Phil Winder, CEO of Winder.AI, Author of O’Reilly’s Reinforcement Learning and one of the founders of the MLOps Community, covering a range of topics about the use of machine learning operations (MLOps), reinforcement learning (RL), and machine learning (ML) in industry today.

Gather technical insights and understand ways in which you can empower your organization through the application and operation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each event is fully interactive with its very own dedicated Q&A session at the end of each session.

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