MLOps in Finance

by Dr. Phil Winder , CEO

Our client is a UK-based financial services company specialising in offering loans for car finance. They leverage AI in their processes and are looking to expand its use. They realised that they would benefit from a comprehensive review of their machine learning operations from the perspective of MLOps experts, Winder.AI.

MLOps Audit

The main purpose of this MLOps consulting project was to prepare a report auditing the processes surrounding AI development and deployment. The Finance Client knew that there were areas in their AI processes that could be optimised and were looking for external advice to advocate for which areas to improve next.

Example MLOps Audit report

MLOps in Finance

Winder.AI created a bespoke framework, tailored to the Finance Client’s needs, that allowed us to ascertain the maturity of their AI development processes.

MLOps helps finance companies unify their data science practices which helps conform to regulatory expectations and increase efficiency. For example, carefully curated unified explainability solutions can help to satisfy a wide range of regulatory use cases that involve describing why decisions were made to the customer. Additionally, lineage and provenance solutions that work with your technology stack provide the auditing capability that you sorely need.

We performed a round of interviews with developers, stakeholders, risk assessors, and executives to gain personal perspectives on the state of the art and improvements that could be made.

We then blended these findings with our own experience and MLOps best practices to highlight areas that could be improved. The result was a comprehensive report that outlined three key areas: the current state of AI at the Finance Client, the potential risks and opportunities moving forward, and a prioritized plan to deliver improvements to reduce the risks or enable the opportunities.

MLOps Consulting ROI

Our Finance Client knew they needed to invest in their AI processes to further the ambition of using AI throughout the business. Without our help, it may have been difficult to achieve the scale that they desired.

Thanks to our detailed analysis and reporting the Finance Client now have a roadmap for their future MLOps journey. This will help them to deliver AI products faster, enable AI governance, and unlock future shareholder value.

The presented opportunity cost dwarfed the AI consulting fees (greater than 100x ROI). And the cost savings made by applying development time in the right places was immeasurable.

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