Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

A tutorial at ODSC Europe 2023.
An image containing the title of the event. Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

When: Thu Jun 15, 2023 at 10:20 +0200

Where: ODSC Europe (London) 2023


This tutorial is all about deep reinforcement learning. You might have heard about it in the media, from its use in generative language models (reinforcement learning from human feedback) or more directly in one of the many applications of this fascinating technology.

The goal of this tutorial is to give you a hands-on-ish walkthrough of what reinforcement learning is, why we need it to be deep, and how it’s used in practice.

You will learn the background theory, explore use cases, and have fun with a notebook that provides a practical example of what we’re talking about.

They’ll also be an opportunity for you to ask questions to find out more how we at Winder.AI are using RL in commercial projects.

Session Outline

Note: This will be fleshed out further closer to the event.

Part 1: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Familiarise yourself with RL, the theory, how it is both similar and different to machine learning, and how it is used in practice.

Part 2: Why Deep? And Why Now? Learn about “deep” RL and why it is necessary. Investigate cutting-edge use cases. Learn about a process we’ve developed to help discover and develop RL problems.

Part 3: Hands-on with Deep RL Learn about the common libraries and frameworks to help deliver production RL solutions. Explore a notebook that demonstrates a practical example of deep RL.

Learning Objectives and Tools

  • Understand what RL is and how it differs from ML
  • Appreciate why and when you should use RL
  • Evaluate the need for deep techniques
  • Explore the ecosystem of tools and a simple practical example of how to use them