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ChatGPT from Scratch: How to Train an Enterprise AI Assistant

ChatGPT from Scratch: How to Train an Enterprise AI Assistant

Mon Oct 2, 2023, by Phil Winder, in ChatGPT, Machine Learning, Talk

When: Mon Oct 2, 2023 at 10:00 +0200 Where: Goto Copenhagen 2023 Title ChatGPT from Scratch: How to Train an Enterprise AI Assistant Keywords Large language models, ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, LLM, AI, ML, RL Length 50 minutes including questions. Level Intermediate – some AI experience will be useful Abstract In today’s fast-paced business environment, the demand for intelligent enterprise assistants that can help optimize workflow, handle customer queries, and even automate tasks is at an all-time high.

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Some of our most recent talks. You can find more content on our blog.

Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop - Hands-on with Deep RL

This is a video of a workshop about deep reinforcement learning (DRL). First presented at ODSC London in 2023, it is nearly three hours long and covers a wide variety of topics. Split into three sections, the video introduces DRL and RL applications, explains how to develop an RL project, and walks you through two RL example notebooks.

Explain, Enhance and Enrich Your Data with Bacalhau Amplify

Bacalhau is a project started under Protocol Labs, but has now spun out into Expanso, Inc. Expanso is a leading Web3 innovator specializing in developing next generation decentralized commodity services. This case study, which includes a video presentation, describes the proceeds of this collaboration. The Bacalhau team asked Winder.AI to help them develop a new AI product designed to perform data engineering at web-scale, backed by Web3 technologies.

Presentation: MLOps and the Online Safety Bill

This is a video of a presentation about the UK’s online safety bill. This places new burdens on social media companies to moderate content to keep the public safe. This video discusses how platforms are using MLOps to help operate AI solutions that allow them to scale and prevent hundreds of violating posts from being published every second.

Do you like DAGs? Implementing a Graph Executor for Bacalhau

Winder.AI helped Protocol Labs, a technology company in the crypto space, to help develop Bacalhau, a novel decentralised computational platform that focuses on the AI lifecycle. This case study describes some of our work to develop this project but for more information view the Bacalhau website.

RL Presentation: How to Overcome Reinforcement Learning Challenges

This presentation discusses some of the greatest challenges for a reinforcement learning project. I will share some of the challenges we have faced and how we have overcome them. You’ll learn what to look out for and how that affects the planning process.

RL Presentation: Finding and Executing Reinforcement Learning Projects

Learn about the framework that we use to help organizations find and develop problems that are best suited to reinforcement learning. This includes information about how to find business problems that are suited to RL, how to derisk the development process, and what technical tasks are involved.