Dr. Phil Winder

Dr. Phil Winder is a multidisciplinary engineer and data scientist. As the CEO of Winder.AI, an AI consultancy, he provides AI, ML, Data Science, and MLOps development and consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Previous clients include the likes of Google, Microsoft, Shell, Nestle, the UK Government and many more. More information is available on the website: https://Winder.AI.

Phil is also the author of the book “Reinforcement Learning: Industrial Applications of Intelligent Agents” published by O’Reilly (https://rl-book.com) and was an early champion of MLOps. Over the past decade, he has also trained thousands of data scientists and is a celebrated global speaker on AI topics.

Phil holds a Ph.D. and M.Eng. in electronic engineering from the University of Hull and lives in Yorkshire, U.K., with his brewing equipment and family.

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