About Winder.AI - A Leading AI Company

Our mission: deliver on the promise of AI to make everyone’s jobs easier.

Founded company

Winder.AI founded to help businesses exploit Data Science.

Pivot to Production ML

Pioneer the use machine learning at production scale for people like Shell and Google.

World's First Industrial RL Book

During the first lockdown Phil wrote Reinforcement Learning for O'Reilly, cementing industrial AI expertise.

Planet Scale AI Products

More than a decade on, we're building the worlds most exciting AI products and continuing our mission to help businesses succeed in AI.

Our people

While Winder.AI is registered in the UK, our engineers are located in Europe and the USA operating entirely remotely. Our clients are based all over the world, from Chile to New Zealand, and we operate in most time zones.

We communicate in native English, with daily communication using your choice of tool, alongside robust and resilient development practices that meet our most demanding client's needs. It will feel like we're sitting in the same room!

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Our Values

Winder.AI has survived for this long because of a set of values that permeates our work.

Be world-class.
Winder.AI's expertise is only as good as the expertise of it's people. We take the time to learn, read, and write.
Take responsibility.
Our engineers work remotely and are responsible for managing their own workloads. This agency encourages responsibility and ownership.
Be kind.
As engineers, it is sometimes easy to forget that the key to everything is relationships. We strive to be kind, to think before we type.
Always learning.
All of our projects are different. Each time we relish the opportunity to learn new things.
Share everything you know.
Half of the value Winder.AI provides is via guidance and learning opportunities. We share everything to multiply value.
Enjoy downtime.
In complex AI projects, burnout is an easy trap to fall into. We design for downtime to ensure systems run without us.

Ways Of Working

We're dedicated to AI development and consulting. We're lean, agile, and work differently to larger consultancies that you might be used to.

Dedicated AI Expertise
We specialize in AI, machine learning, reinforcement learning and MLOps. All of our engineers are experts in these fields. W're not just another software consultancy.
Embrace Associates
We operate using an Associate model. We leverage our extensive network to bring in the right talent at the right time. This benefits our clients who can take advantage of highly specialized skills.
Permanently Remote
All of our staff work remotely, permanently. Since 2013 we've been offering our engineers agency, which has successfully translated into project empowerment and ownership.
Exceedingly Flexible
Because we're so lean, that allows us to be supremely flexible. We strive to work in the way you work, so long as it doesn't conflict with our other values.
Maximum Communication
We find our clients gain both trust and value from constant communication. We leverage all the tools you use to keep you in the loop.
Dedicated Focus Time
Complex work requires long blocks of uninterrupted thinking time. We organize our calenders to encourage blocks of concentration time.

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